Núria Vilà


Retired Professor

Edificio G5 – Despacho 129

[email protected]


She has been lecturer at UAB’s Language and Literature didactics department since 1979 teaching in both Education and Psychologie’s faculties. She’s also been part of several research projects on linguistic and cultural diversity education such as EVLANG, JALING, Union Latine and GREIP, PEDACTICE’s project on ICT application in education and children and young adult’s literature. Besides her lecturing, she has also worked in primary and secondary school teacher’s training.

In her doctoral thesis, entitled “Moving Closer to Computer-Orientated Education. The Construction of the Tale” and directed by Dr. Artur Noguerol i Rodrigo, she analyses creative writting processes through computer interfaces in school and educational contexts defending multi-media uses in contemporary teaching.

She is currently retired, which allows her to combine her professional participation with personal activities.