Erasmus Mundus Master’s on Children’s Literature, Media and Culture Students Welcome

This September we have received the third cohort of students from the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Children’s Literature, Media and Culture, coordinated by the Glasgow University (Scotland) and Aarhus University (Denmark), with the participation of the UAB (Spain), Tilburg University (Netherlands) and Wroclaw University (Poland). The contribution from the Gretel research group (UAB), is our specialization in the promotion of reading.

The welcome week was full of academic activities, such as the inaugural lecture by the researcher Sara Van den Bossche, from Tilburg University, entitled “Beyond the Mirror? Proposing a Paradigm for the Development of Culturally Critical Literacy”, and also cultural and literary experiences, such as attending the puppet play “Gnoma” and the subsequent colloquium with the company Pea Green Boat. In this activity we had the pleasure to share the play with primary students of Escola La Maquinista de Barcelona, who helped us to interpret the details of the story!