María Cecilia Silva-Díaz



[email protected]


She was born in Caracas and has lived in Spain since 2000. She teaches, researches and works as children’s literature publisher.

She has a PhD from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her dissertation on metafictional picturebooks recieved the Extraordinary Doctoral Thesis Prize 2005-2006. She has a B.A. on Children’s Literature at Simmons College of Boston (USA). She coordinated the Research Centre of Banco del Libro in Venezuela. She has lectured courses in several institutions in Spain (UAB, Eina School of Design and Art, University of Valencia); in the USA (UCLA, University of Arizona) and in Latina America (Comfenalco in Colombia and the Banco del Libro from Venezuela).

She has been a member of the IBBY (The International Board on Books for Young People) Andersen Prize jury and the Liaison Officer for Venezuela from this network. As an investigator she has delivered articles and conferences on various issues related to books for children and on reading. She works as publisher for Ediciones Ekaré and coordinator of the GRETEL’s M.A. on Children’s and Young People’s Literature.