Lara Reyes-López

UAB Lecturers

Associated lecturer

Building G5 – Office 129


B.A. in Education (2008), M.A. in School Library and Reading Promotion (2009), M.A. in Books and Literature for Children and Young People (2010), and PhD in Language and Literature Didactics (2015) –all degrees from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona. Her dissertation, “Literacy in Primary School: The Impact of a Classroom Intervention Through the Evolution of the Children’s Reading Responses” was advised by Dra. Mireia Manresa. In this work she analyses how literary readers are formed by looking into how a classroom evolves during a period of four courses –3rd to 6th grades.

Currently she combines teaching in primary school with researching for GRETEL, and lecturing at the Department of Language and Literature Didactics of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona as associate professor. She also teaches a course on GRETEL at the Online M.A. on Books and Literature for Children and Young People. Her research interests revolve around literacy learning and teaching in the school context.